We are a community of believers...we worship, we eat and we play together. We are of all ages, and all backgrounds, and all colors, and though we may have different theologies around our tables, it is our love for God made visible through the life of Jesus that unites us all.


     We hope to reach our community with a message of love, of grace and of forgiveness...most days we do that pretty well, other days we fail. We are not perfect, but we hope that each day we can do a little better than the day before.

     If you are on a journey to discover God, or finding yourself, or simply trying to figure out how you fit into this thing called life. We welcome you in, "come and see", Jesus told his disciples, come and see what God is all about, come and see how you fit in, come and let's walk together for a time. 


          Peace, pastor rene'



Not in terms of what it is, but what it could be.

What would it look like? What would it feel like?

What if our church were a place where all ages wanted to be?


It’s not rethinking our theology or rethinking the scriptures, but rethinking the way our church makes contact with the world.


In the first century, Jesus’ ministry made his world rethink faith beyond the walls of the Temple and the Synagogues.


In the 18th century John Wesley called people to rethink church and make the whole world our parish.


Today, we are challenging The United Methodists to once again rethink church beyond our walls and beyond Sunday morning worship.


Come join us today, help us to make the church relevant again, help us reach outside of our own walls!!

        Peace, pastor rene'


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