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I Love my Church because...

I love my church because...I see God in this church. When Janet and I walked into Fowler UMC three years ago for the first time, we were greeted so warmly and welcomed with open arms by many people. We instantly knew this was our new church family.  It felt like home. 


This church family surrounds us with love, God's love that flow through them.  They help lift us up, they seek to involve us within the life of the church, and these same members help guide us in our daily walk with the Lord.   Just like my own nuclear family, I feel so blessed to have a loving church family.  I don't come to church to be entertained, I come here to be surrounded by God's love.

Lance A. 

Fowler UMC is my home, the congregation is my family.  When I walked through the door nine years ago, I was greeted with kindness and surrounded with warm caring.  They gave me room to cry.  They gave me time to pray.  They wished me blessing and grace as worship ended.  I could not wait for the next Sunday!  Surely the Lord was in this place. I returned--over and over again.  Faith has deepened over time. Knowledge and understanding has grown.  Joy has become a frequent visitor.  And I live in the glow of God's grace. God is not only in this place, but has taken up His place in my heart.  

Susan W. 


My wife and I joined Fowler UMC forty-five years ago, after visiting many other nearby churches, trying to find a compromise between our Baptist and Episcopalian backgrounds. When our children were born, they were both baptized here and grew up as members. Laurie is very active in the Worship Committee, and we both enjoy Adult Sunday School class each week.


We enjoy worshiping at Fowler with many friends: old-timers who have been at Fowler as long or longer than us, and younger families who have come more recently. We would love to have you worship with us!

 Bob and Laurie N.


I was raised at Fowler UMC with my parents and grandparents.  I left Spokane at the age of 26 for Port Townsend on the West side of the state.  On returning in 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was stunned and shocked.  I was looking for a church home and connected with a large congregation.  I so yearned for a smaller and more intimate church.  So I returned to Fowler UMC and was accepted with loving arms and hearts.  I have endured such traumatic health issues, with the caring and compassionate people here that have loved me and cared for me through my journey.

This is a dream come true!  I believe all churches should learn what Fowler UMC is offering.  I would love to invite you to my church with purpose, empathy, love, acceptance, and compassion that has been my experience. 

Shelly B.

I love that Fowler is a super welcoming church! From the moment you walk in the door, you'll be greeted and welcomed with open arms into our congregation. We have people from lots of different backgrounds, cultures, and counties, which really makes worshiping together a rich and meaningful experience. Coffee hour after service provides a great time to get to know visitors better while enjoying delicious free treats :) I also enjoy all of the children/youth activities and involvement opportunities. We are blessed to have a youth leader that leads discussions in the youth room during service. As a 17-year-old, I'm apart of the older group, and we get to discuss problems facing our world today and what we can do about them. We have monthly outings and service projects too.


One last characteristic I cherish about Fowler is the music! We have it all - contemporary style songs with drum set, bass, and guitar, as well as singing favorite hymns with piano and organ accompaniment, or hearing from soloists playing saxophone, accordion, and many other instruments. Special services like Christmas Eve usually have orchestral instruments, while Easter is fun-filled with children playing shakers. We also have a bunch of bands to get involved in, including choir, African style marimbas, worship team, hand bell choir, African drumming, and Injili choir. We're always looking for ways to add more peoples' talents to the mix.

Gabriel KG

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