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Our Staff

Rene' Devantier - Pastor - Contact

I was born on July 7th, 1964 in Berlin, W. Germany and raised in Germany by my Grandmother; my parents were divorced at age 6, and my younger brother went into an orphanage. I lived with my grandmother till the age of 16 when I moved to the USA to live with my mother. There were two things pretty steady in my life. One was my love of soccer, and the other was my hunger for something deeper, even bigger. My mother died in 1988 and the shock and awe of her passing ignited my search for God. Though I tried again and again for many years, my search proved elusive until later in my life. Finally, at age 35 it would be my love for soccer and the kids I was coaching that would lead me to a place that would satisfy that deep hunger (Jesus).


I am Married to Jennifer, and we have 4 children and 1 Granddaughter, but the only one left at home is Ryan who is 15 and has special needs…Jen and I met in the mid 80’s and dated for a few years. She went off to college and I went off to Texas. We then lost touch with each other. We both raised families and after divorces reconnected through Facebook 20 years later. I moved back to WA in 2009, we got married, and here we are…thank you Facebook. Jen is a nurse and she works as a nurse manager at the Riverfront Kaiser location. Ryan goes to Central Valley High in a special needs class.

Before coming back to Washington in 2009 I spent 11 years in Texas serving several churches along the Gulf of Mexico. Since moving to Washington from Texas we have served 2 churches on the other side of the mountains. We have settled in, all our boxes are unpacked, Ryan loves his new school, Jen works at Kaiser Permanente where she manages several specialized doctors’ offices, and I was ready to once again serve a church. When early this summer Fowler United Methodist was beginning to look for a new pastor, I seemed to fit the bill. I have been serving Fowler since July 2019, and it has been a lot of fun. Come and see…




David Miranda - Music Coordinator Contact

     David studied Flute as a Flute Performance Major for 2 years at CWU. He can play the flute, guitar, bass and sing. He has some skill in piano and saxophone. He was the Music Director at Auburn First United Methodist Church from October 2016 till June of 2021. He has an Associates of Arts and Science, Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, and is currently working on a Masters of Data Science.

Diane Strobeck - Office Manager - Contact

     Diane is a woman that has answered the call to serve time and time again. This began at birth, being raised in her Military family in Tacoma, Washington. Diane’s early years were spent in Germany, then settled in Southwest Oklahoma. Lawton Oklahoma is the home to Fort Sill where her father was stationed until retirement. Diane graduated High School in 1983 and went to college at Cameron University.


     In 1996, she met her husband, Bill Strobeck, a Soldier stationed at Fort Sill. They married two years later and this is where her selfless service began to flourish.  Within two years, the family went from 2 to 6.  Blending her two boys with two boys from Bill’s previous marriage. Diane was the glue that held the family together while Bill served in the Army. 


     2005, back in Southwest Oklahoma we landed on our feet once again, finding the Boy Scouts and a great Methodist church. Diane became a leader in cub scouts and still serves on multiple committee’s within Scouts BSA. Diane’s has a true desire to Serve God. Since 2010, Diane has served in the role of Ministries assistant in multiple churches, and has been a part of many ministries throughout the church.

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