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What we do...

We do Worship... the best way we know how to...this of course is a work in progress, ever changing and often challenging. We live in a very unique time and place. At Fowler United Methodist Church we have the amazing opportunity to be joined by an African congregation of refugees. This of course brings two very, very, did i say very, different types of cultures and worships together. It has been incredible to be a part of this process. It is something to behold when God's people can reach across the isles, reach across theologies, color, background and yes, even worship styles that are worlds apart, to worship the same God.

This brings us to the unique time we live is a time when the church is in a transitional shift so to speak. At Fowler UMC, like in most of our churches we seem to have lost a couple of generations. This puts a burden on the church in so many ways. Here at Fowler we are creating a place that is multi-generational. We believe that it is vital to the future of the church that we pass on traditions and create new traditions along the way. This is only possible if we worship together. This of course creates challenges as well, and it forces us once again to reach across the isles, this time across the isles of time.

At Fowler we come as we are, worship is relaxed, fun and interactive and build on a foundation which centers on, and reflects the love Jesus had for God, his family, his disciples, his friends, his neighbors and the world in general.


We love music here at Fowler, all types of music, and any given Sunday you may hear anything from our old favorite hymns to music a little more contemporary by our praise band. You might encounter some choir music or our marimba drums or even our bell choir.  Ukuleles, Saxophones and accordions are regular guests, and every week we get blessed by a music offering from our Injili Choir. You just never know what is going to happen, so you do not want to miss a Sunday worship.

See you Sunday then...

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